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We have 3 standard templates and these all include up to 8 pages (you can decide how many you need)


Design elements can be inter-charged within the 3 designs for an additional 20€.

Simply choose which template you would like, send us the details you want on each page and we will create your own special wedding website. Pages outside of the main page will all follow the page format as shown below.

Colour - you can choose any colour palette you like, we have just used blush as an example

Fonts - you can use any of the fonts available to us or supply us with a font

Links - all buttons and images are links to pages

RSVP - an RSVP and event app is included, you can set up, up to 3 events as part of your website. This app will collate responses making your RSVPs incredibly easy to manage

Amendments - after we have received your text, fonts and colour palette we will design your website.  You can make up to 2 revisions * meaning on two separate occasions, on each of these you can change more than one element. After that you can make further changes for a small fee or you can make changes yourself (you will have full access to the website)

Our websites do not include a domain or hosting, hosting is from €4,50 per month and this includes an available domain (we do not manage hosting or plans, this will be paid directly to the hosting provider yourselves but we can set this up for you) 


Additional options

  • Extra pages - 25€ each

  • Change of design 50€ per hour

* please note these are easier to view on a computer or laptop

Following Pages Formats

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All Couples Photography on this page is by Joanna Nix on Unsplash